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Lumen Air

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Lumen AIr

This project developed a custom programmable interior aviation lighting system

prototype to better acclimate the body clock of passengers traveling on eight-hour plus

flights to the time zone of their destination, thereby providing a more pleasant and peaceful

journey. To achieve this end, I employed the use of lighting cues, which were carefully

constructed visual looks that employ color, duration and intensity. This manipulation of

lighting cues was constructed to the natural ebb and flow of flight-related events. This

project was presented as 8-hour and 3-hour durational performances in two partial sections

of a full-scale mockup.


The first section was a hyper realistic mockup that more accurately represented an

aircraft cabin, including details such as overhead bins and reading lights, with full cabin from

service including five-course meals, wine, champagne, and beer. To provide an air of authenticity, each of the flights was accompanied by a surround sound soundscape from takeoff to landing with full cabin from service including five-course meals, wine, champagne, and beer.  This section represented “real time” passage of time for an approximately eight-hour flight from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany.


The second section was a simplified version of the main mockup, also in full scale. This

mockup was designed to provide a lighting system using time-lapsed acceleration to

accomplish the same flight in approximately 18 minutes as a concept demonstration with

accompanying video.



Please feel free to get in touch with me if this project interests you. This project is Patent Pending.


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